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Telescopic roof ALUNA® Classic is a product, which is the most known and popular among the clients.





This is a functional and effective solution which enables savings on energy, extension of a swimming season and protection of the swimming pool from pollutants. Gentle arcs of classic patterns together with pure polycarbonate structure result in one of the lightest models offered by ALUNA®.

Perfect solution for those, who appreciate classic form and reasonable price. ALUNA® Classic is a roof which may be adjusted to every type of a swimming pool, facade or garden. Create your own land of and feel happy thanks to a longer summer



Technical parameters of the pool roofing - model ALUNA® Classic
width of the roof: from 3.00 m to 8.00 m
length of the roof: from 6.50 m to 16,8 m
height of the roof: from 1.21 m to 3.31 m


Snow loads on pool roofs CERTIFICATE AFNOR C.E.I.P. NORME NF P90-309 + A1
ALUNA® Classic* 4,00/12,86/1,72 ALUNA® AIR profile with solid fill 3mm:
tensile strength 200kg/m2 

ALUNA® is a leading and recognized European manufacturer of pool roofing.

ALUNA® pool roofs are chosen by people who value quality, design, comfort and safety for many years of use.
10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Certified transport.
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Certified assembly by ALUNA® employees, through cleaning.